The Majin Shiba

2022.01.18 09:33 Angel-Adrian1- The Majin Shiba

The Majin Shiba There is no greatness where there is no simplicity, goodness and truth. Join us.. #shibu #mjshib #crypto #blockchain
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2022.01.18 09:33 Lionsrise [INT][PC][CLAN] We are looking for everyone! Play with us and enjoy the game!

After a few applicants on my last post we are starting to gow, slowly but shurely. Research progress is good in all Dojo's, from MR 2 to MR 20 everyone in the clan is here to help and play with, our Dojo is undergoing BIG construction and starting to really look like something.
From new players who like some help to all experienced players of any MR that enjoy to just chill and help out others, everyone is welcome. Please feel free to join us and enjoy the Warfeame experience!
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2022.01.18 09:33 EkorrenHJ GM set up racist transphobic rape scene, then accused Player of not "understanding horror"

This is a short one, and possibly a bit anti-climactic, but I wanted to share it anyway. I was freelancing for a TTRPG game company back then (Onyx Path Publishing), and I wanted to play more of their games to get comfortable with them and maybe get more job opportunities. I had wanted to find a group for the game Vampire the Requiem in particular.
Now, I didn't work on this particular gameline, but I knew most of the people developing it as I had worked with them on other projects. I could consult them with questions about the game, but I didn't know them well enough to be any more than "someone who occasionally worked for them." In other words, I had to find my gaming groups outside of the company. I was fine with this, mostly because of anxieties that came with my imposter syndrome. While I was appreciated for my writing, I didn't really feel like I deserved to be part of the company, and I didn't want to step on people's toes or seem annoying to them.
So, I found a group of random people online who was going to run a promising game set in 19th century New Orleans. The GM had clearly put a lot of effort into it, with accurate-adjacent information and detailed maps. I never told anyone that I worked for the company who made the game, because I didn't want to seem "braggy," and I just wanted to be a normal player without any special attention.
So, I went into this with high hopes of getting a great experience as a 19th century vampire. Because it took place in New Orleans, I decided to play a Haitian immigrant. That was my first mistake. I also made the character a trans woman. That turned out to be my second mistake. Because the group seemed like mature and progressive people, I didn't think this would be an issue at the time.
I'm actually a queer white guy, but I took my character role seriously and was determined to make a as respectful a depiction I could of my character's identity. (I believe that roleplaying someone different from yourself is a good lesson in empathy). The GM approved everything and seemed even excited about the character. No red flags. Everything still pointed towards a great game.
That was until the first scene. The game was by text online, so the GM set up a private scene for my character. He said that I was on the docks and there were a group of men unloading cargo from a ship. The ship was, according to the GM, a Haitian cargo ship. I reasoned that because I was Haitian and the ship was from Haiti, I could approach them and ask them for aid.
The GM immediately responded to this by claiming that they were all white men who immediately circled my character and started making sexual innuendos and racial comments. The GM wrote this out in great detail, followed by how the men lunged at me with the intent to rape me. I didn't respond for some time, processing what the GM had written. Since this was a private channel, none of the other players could see it. While waiting for my reply, the GM went into the public channel and started proudly and excitedly write to the other players that "this is the first time I've written something like this," like he had some kind of catharsis.
I replied in that channel that I wasn't comfortable with this. That it was extremely racist and that I didn't want my character to be raped in the first scene. The GM responded that "this is the 19th century" and "it's realistic," to which I said, "is it realistic that people who transport cargo from Haiti of all places automatically shouts modern racist slurs to the first black person they come across?"
"It's a horror game. It's not supposed to be comfortable."
"It's not about comfort. It's about it being racist. And you tried to gang rape my character."
I was then swiftly kicked from the game. Another player contacted me in private and asked me to elaborate on what had happened. I showed him screenshots from the scene, the racist slurs, and the attempted gang rape. He said that he agreed that it was a bit over the top, but that "it was horror after all." So I ended that conversation too.
Displeased with my first experience playing Vampire the Requiem, I ended up mentioning this to the developers of the game in the company Slack. They were horrified by the story and was very supportive of me, which I'm grateful for. I still haven't had a chance to play a proper game of Vampire the Requiem to date, but I know to avoid playing with random strangers now.
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2022.01.18 09:33 death_or_die 【ウクライナ発】国家存亡の危機に生きていた記者の連帯 「この人もジャーナリストですから」

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2022.01.18 09:33 OpenSeaXPoster 🎁FOXAVERSE NFT GIVEAWAY🎁 JOIN THE DISCORD⬇️ COMMENT YOUR WALLET ADDRESS! 🔥 (xpost from /r/opensea)

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2022.01.18 09:33 DathVoid skins mod development

Does anyone know where to find the names of sound files? I need to replace some character sounds.
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2022.01.18 09:33 shuvammax ☄︎ Floki World ☄︎ | Fast Track Incoming | Launching Now on BSC | Liquidity Lock | Low Marketcap!!

⛩️ Floki World ☘︎

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⚜️ Welcome to Floki World. As we all know Elon’s new adorable Shiba Inu puppy named Floki has arrived. He is the inspiration for Floki World and we will be creating content based around Floki with our NFT’s and Game.
⚜️ Now Elon Musk has Floki we can be certain that we will see more tweets and posts around Floki and we all know what kind of impact that had on Baby Doge!
⚜️ Daily giveaways for shilling and game contests. Active voice chats and the most active community on bsc!

⛪ 100,000,000 supply
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- CMS Top 1-2 trending
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-CQ Application
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+New Website
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⚡ Contract Address: 0x980E6389Ae490461d48b5Cc4F9aC7bEB252aF5b4
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2022.01.18 09:33 Inmolatus Building my first chair. Which of this stretcher positions for the legs is best for structural integrity and stability? #2 would be the easier to build for me, but would it work properly?

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2022.01.18 09:33 Xenus13 Good start on the Zombies!

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2022.01.18 09:33 Know_Your_Shit_v2 [LifeProTips] LPT: If you dial 911 by accident, don’t hang up until you speak to the operator and let them know it was a mistake.

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2022.01.18 09:33 Some-Gentle-Giant Help, a random taxi spawned INTO my car

I didn't spawn any in, but one somehow glitch spawned onto my current car. Now I can't drive either, but I can tear them apart for scrap
The worst part? They're blocking the driveway for the other cars
What can I do?
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2022.01.18 09:33 k_rismatik Roland SH01A - LFO midi sync

Does anyone knows if it is possible to sync LFO with clock - in midi input?
If not, would you think Roland will update the firmware to do so ?

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2022.01.18 09:33 TiagoPG98 "Vou acabar a carreira lá. Eu tenho que dar-lhes isso, nem que seja uma época. Eles observaram-me enquanto ninguém viu nada de especial em mim, eles formaram-me e sem eles eu provavelmente acabaria a trabalhar no McDonalds."

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2022.01.18 09:33 TheCraftyCatBlogger Jimin fanart by me! (Instagram: @pyxel.kitten) Used ibisPaint X for this

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2022.01.18 09:33 Comrade_tau Can succession mean secession?

I am interested in the American civil war as a non native English speaker. When I have discussion about the subject online I see people using succession and succeeding when talking about the South leaving the Union. I have always thought the corrects word would be secession or to secede.
Still I always see few comments that use succession or succeeding. Can these words actually mean secession on top of their other meanings or have I just been seeing common writing error?
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2022.01.18 09:33 helplessman2289 Hi I will roleplay as samantha with pics u will jerk off u cam I won't and no mic my discord is mdfaizal2289#1391

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2022.01.18 09:33 Kamijiroutodomomo Todomomo comic (including side ship Izuocha)

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2022.01.18 09:33 Know_Your_Shit_v2 [LifeProTips] LPT If you're trying to sleep but there's a fly in your room. Turn off all the lights in your room, turn on the light in the hall and leave the door open. The fly will leave your room and go to the light in the hallway.

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2022.01.18 09:33 CantPickANameOhWell Recording a phone call with my ?

I live in VA. I’m expecting a phone meeting with my boss today and I am planning on outlining all of the unfair and unethical BS my job has done to me (and also others) in the past few months. I want to record her acknowledging that everything I’ve said is true, and I want to use the recording to shed light on how unfair some of these jobs are treating people, especially since this is a daycare, and everyone wonders why the daycare industry is going down the drain! I won’t use names in the recording. Is this legal or no? I have been working my ass off and I have been crapped on significantly, and now I am facing more unpaid time that the center should cover !!!
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2022.01.18 09:33 yeahlookmate What is your favourite way to spoil your partner?

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2022.01.18 09:33 gevaen Partie en ligne

Pour info il y a une session #JdR Dark Heresy qui sera lancée sur Discord à partir du 30 : toutes les infos sont là (place limitée) :
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2022.01.18 09:33 Freeze2406 What’s the name of this skin?

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2022.01.18 09:33 OpenSeaXPoster 🎉🎉3 EGYPTPUNKZ NFT 🎉🎉 0% RISK COLLECTION READ OUR WHITEPAPER AND TAKE PART AT THE GIVEAWAYS AT (xpost from /r/opensea)

🎉🎉3 EGYPTPUNKZ NFT 🎉🎉 0% RISK COLLECTION READ OUR WHITEPAPER AND TAKE PART AT THE GIVEAWAYS AT (xpost from /opensea) submitted by OpenSeaXPoster to OpenSeaNFT [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 09:33 StandoPowa_ I don't understand certain fandom obssessions with not having sequels/franchises in any shape or form

I'm a guy that when I like something, I really, REALLY like it; to the point where I will check hours long lore videos, lost artbook pages, creator interviews, datamining (in case of games) and so on. I adore to have content about the things I really like, so it's easier to share with people and to actually build the "fandom".
And for me there's nothing better for content than... well, new, official content. Sequels, prequels and spin-offs. Or even spiritual sequels.
I mean, would you really want From Software to not make DS2 ou DS3? Or even DS1 as a "sequel" do DeS? And I kid you not, I've seen some people claim this; among these games, Bloodborne is the worst offender - it's a capital sin to say to a Bloodborne fan that you want a sequel and... I just don't get it.
"Bloodborne is like Monalisa, there's no Monalisa 2"
Yeah... Because it's a painting. The comparison doesn't make much sense. What would Monalisa 2 be? A redraw of the first one? There's no room to expand.
But with the worldbuilding of Yharnam and the characters, you could do SO MUCH. How is the relationship with the Great Ones in other places? In other periods? Have people successfully ascended without losing their humanity? Are there hybrids of beast and kin, or maybe a Great One that was afflicted by the Beastly Scourge? I mean, just look at VaatiVydia art competition, there are so many ideas where a sequel to this beautiful game could go.
And after all, if it's a bad sequel, just don't play it I guess? Of course there's a risk that a sequel to anything will be bad. Maybe a sequel to Bloodborne will be a Shi No Numa remaster inside Black Ops 56, but maybe we could just want it to be good? Want it to at least exist.
I prefer something to exist, as opposed of not even trying. Yes, I'm looking at you "The Amazing Spider-man 3" and "Spider-man 4"
Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading!
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2022.01.18 09:33 EitherTomorrow Customer put wrong address and support canceled the order. He was calling and leaving voicemails for over an hour after

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