Wierdest thing karl ever said?

2022.01.18 09:36 thisthings Wierdest thing karl ever said?

Ricky always says Karl is talking shite, and we all know about times when Ricky was in the wrong - the mirror on the moon thing, how would i know which one i was etc. But what about when Ricky was 100% right to call him out on his nonsense?
For me it was when he was going on about after we die, our soul goes to some other place where we grow crops/croppage in a field. what the fuck was he on about?
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2022.01.18 09:36 Paranoiadestroyer 'Mental health drop-in centres having a huge effect in North Wales - There are currently 12 iCAN community hubs located across North Wales, where support can be accessed without needing an appointment or GP referral'

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2022.01.18 09:36 himynameisntben What are some things you do to immerse yourself?

Just like it says. Do you wake up and greet your spouse every morning? Does your arginine crave bloodwine?
I'm just interested to hear what you all like to do. Let's talk about it!
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2022.01.18 09:36 Stormi18 Middle Name for Roland

We are due in the summer and we are stumped on a middle name for our son.
We like unique, and would prefer non traditional for his middle name. We have ruled out several middle names like Hayes, Wilder, Ridge, & Jentry.
We want it to flow well and still have a “southern” feel to it.
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2022.01.18 09:36 Southern_Ad_534 HIPEC or Chemo? Which treatment is best?

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2022.01.18 09:36 HurricaneHolgi Everyday something new... The more you know... Kill your Idle...

Hey guys, this just happened to me and made me laugh. So I was playing rivals and in the 3rd period I am up by two. Close game but all of sudden my opponent starts playing trap 0 - 5 and is not even trying to pressure or anything although he is 2 goals behind. He was just sitting with the last defenceman back in front of his cage and wasn't moving at all. So I started to slow down and hold the Puck on center ice and was wondering why this makes sense and he wouldn't play anymore. So I was sitting there with the puck on my blue line waiting to end the game. Just doesn't want to fall for his shitty trap. Unless 2 minutes before the end the game kicked me out saying I was Idle and got the loss 🙈 If my opponent did this on purpose, I have to say hats off. Clever move (maybe kind of dickish, but well 😂). I didn't know that I ll be kicked because of idle. Especially I was still moving the puck. Just made me laugh because I think it was pretty sure win for me and I maybe fall for this shit.... So kids always remember there are 1000 moves to annoy the shit out of you in this game but there will always be one way more you do not expect... 👍 Still wandering if he got the win atleast because he was idle as well all the time 🤔
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2022.01.18 09:36 ChildOfDunwall Galaxy S20 Recent Software Update

Is it just me or is the lastest software update for android on the Galaxy s20 inherintly worse in every way? Notifications are less readable, ive had app issues, and the calendar app is so much worse? Its so unclear what is assigned to each day.
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2022.01.18 09:36 scot816 Happy 60th Birthday Jim Carrey 🎉 🦏

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2022.01.18 09:36 dougrayd Murray lobbies for Răducanu/Stephens to be televised

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2022.01.18 09:36 sapphireCAT412 Sneezing

My cat has been sneezing since my husband used spray paint in the basement…. the house definitely smelled from the paint but kitty didn’t go near the basement. He’s sneezing more now (3 days later) than when it smelled like spray paint. I can’t think of anything else that would have caused the sneezing… Eating, drinking, acting normally otherwise. Has anyone experienced this before? Is there anything I can do?
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2022.01.18 09:36 Fullygarage What’s your MOOD😇 #fullygarage #indianonlineshopping

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2022.01.18 09:36 zbunjenatockakom Genuinely concerned for Jasmine (and Gino)...

Just watching the latest episode on YouTube (normal episodes are often late in Europe ffs) and I'm really concerned about Jasmine if her behaviour was 100% real and unscripted. Of course there's a chance that it's not real but if it is, she needs help. She's obviously a deeply traumatised person who is in a lot of pain and requires a professional. The sad thing is she probably has no idea.
Really feel for Gino, but also for her despite how awfully she comes across. People who have outbursts like that have a lot going on internally.
Hoping she at least watches herself back and realises.
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2022.01.18 09:36 Laxus_Dreyarr [PC] [H] Grey Stride Tide blueprint [W] 400c

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2022.01.18 09:36 EliteCheesyFrito Concerned

So yesterday I got my booster shot for Covid and the worse I had yesterday was a sore arm but this morning I woke up with only 3 hours of sleep and a racing heart and a warm head. Wasn’t trying to overthink that I got some heart issue but I got something to eat and relaxing. My arm is still sore and I know that’s normal and I have a bit of chest soreness too. Is this normal after getting the booster cuz I heard the 2nd vaccine you get can make you feel like shit and I got my vaccine back in April.
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2022.01.18 09:36 Odd_Ad1962 This is Ralph :) He's not too good at chatting but has plenty of energy!

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2022.01.18 09:36 euphoricwariofangirl Hey,minus-making folks!I got a challenge for you,none other than Mr.Trololo!

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2022.01.18 09:36 aisptn01 ELI5: Why is rechargeable battery will degrade over time? Is it possible in the future that rechargable battery will never degrade?

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2022.01.18 09:36 Joshhpaynee Tuning controllers on crashes steam VR

Title says most of it, if the controllers turn off or if I turn them off manually, when i turn them back on steam vr encounters a critical error and I have to restart steam VR. Its very frustrating if I'm in the middle of a game when it happens as it can cause me to lose progress.
I saw some people saying it can be caused by multiple installs of drivers but I checked and only have one path under external drivers here %localappdata%\openvr\openvrpaths.vrpath

Any help would be amazing as its a constant issue and very annoying. I have tried on steam VR beta and off it and the same happens.
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2022.01.18 09:36 isaiahjjj96 Japanese Celeb for English Celeb?

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2022.01.18 09:36 Courage_Soup M4FM] [ASMR] Your boyfriend is a famous VA on youtube but he has a dark secret [listener coming home after a hard day][Slice of life][BFE][Hair combing][Binaural sniffing][cuddling][Humor]

The performer is the famous youtube ASMR VA "Kleptori_VA" who has a lot of followers and somehow manages to come up with genius ASMR scripts quite regularly. How does he do it? Apparently he writes everything himself. He said so, and he wouldn't lie? Can these anime eyes lie?
Really short parody ASMR script. Feel free to use, but please credit me and link back to this reddit post, and comment under it, so I know that someone voiced the script. Thanks!

Link to script!
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2022.01.18 09:36 ShortAlgoBear Monitoring for a short entry on $COOP with UltraAlgo.

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2022.01.18 09:36 its-fax123 The brentford Community stadium

Nice to see they added the stadium finally and as a brentford fan I can say it's surprisingly accurate apart from the away fans which should only be in one corner not the whole of the east stand
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2022.01.18 09:36 footwit "Челси" опасается, что не сможет взять невакцинированных звезд во Францию

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2022.01.18 09:36 xirus_2020 The lure of single-tenant retail properties - The Globe and Mail

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