Turkey’s airports host 11.3M passengers in November

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I’m doing research on events from 2021 and I would really appreciate your help. Would you be able to take a few minutes to complete this 4-question survey? It is about Metaverse and if you want to participate in it.
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2021.12.07 12:42 Roflcpt47 [Among the Stars and Darkness] - Chapter 15

The trio appeared in the blink of an eye on the other end of the teleporter in the abandoned office space. Miranda staggered over to the closest wall and collapsed onto it, relishing in the long-overdue moment of peace. Edward threw his head back and took in a deep breath as the weight of surviving lifted from his shoulders. He couldn’t explain how they’d done it. He wasn’t even sure if they were even alive or if this were some death dream. He took a few unsteady steps back, feeling the throbbing ache in his feet and the numbness of his overstrained back. Falling into a dusty chair was the greatest relief he had felt in ages. Elaine, drained by the strain of using her powers as much as she did also found a spot on the floor that wasn’t particularly comfortable but it sure did beat the running and fighting they’d just endured for what felt like hours. Miranda’s eyes floated towards the boarded-up window. There was no light coming from the cracks in between the boards. It was still night though the morning was sure to roll around soon. She felt so inexplicably tired that she could barely muster up the strength to speak.
“God damn,” Edward muttered first. He disengaged his mask and wiped his hands over his exhausted face.
“Yeah,” Miranda said, understanding his feelings perfectly. She removed her belt and baton and set them down on the ground next to her. If only there were a working shower for her to just disappear into for several hours.
Tingling sensations shot up and down Elaine’s arms. Never had she summoned such strength before and she was almost certain that utilizing her powers as much as she did would end up hurting but all she felt now was oddly tingling. It wasn’t painful or uncomfortable but it certainly wasn’t something she wanted to make a habit of doing.
She didn’t see Miranda staring at her and hadn’t even considered that now there was one more person in the galaxy that knew of her powers. Edward certainly didn’t seem bothered that Miranda knew but in truth, he hadn’t given it much thought while they were busy trying to not die. Miranda hadn’t stopped thinking about it from the moment she first witnessed it. Every time she saw that streak of powerful light, like a gamma-ray evaporating and destroying everything in its path, she was bewildered. Such power was something heard of in comic books or the movies. Was that what Elaine was? Some sort of superhero? No, it’s not that simple, Miranda thought to herself, staring at the girl. Superheroes don’t exist. Beings with extraordinary powers that fight evil don’t exist. But this girl…
“What’s your name?” Miranda asked in a low, drained voice.
Elaine could see it then when she looked up to see Miranda staring at her. So did Edward. In fact, the two of them thought the very same thing at the same time and Miranda could feel their intense speculative gaze fall on her.
“Elaine,” she introduced herself cautiously, her eyes shooting to Edward to see if he’d step in because she had no idea how they were going to handle this.
Miranda nodded slowly, her eyes shifting to Edward whose gaze was burning into the side of her head. “The secret is safe with me,” Miranda said, trying to deflect their suspicions. “I just want to know what the hell you are.”
Elaine lowered her head, unsure of how to answer such a question. She never knew. It just constantly went to show her that she wasn’t human. She was something else.
“She’s just a girl,” Edward spoke for her.
“As am I but I can’t shoot the power of the sun from my hands. How do you… What caused this?”
“For as long as I can remember, I’ve been this way.”
Miranda was too tired to be astounded or inquire further. “Fascinating,” was her only response as her eyes fell to the ground, wondering what the implications of one super-powered person were. Could there be more? Was she the only one of her kind? Miranda could only wonder. She’d heard whispers before from a few reputable sources that spoke about far away havens for people with extraordinary abilities. A sanctuary for people who practiced magic came to mind and it wasn’t about cheap parlor tricks. There’s never concrete proof and the whispers are just that but maybe there’s much more truth to them. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine anymore.
“It’d probably be in your best interest to just forget what you saw,” Edward suggested.
“Who’s after her?” Miranda asked, not needing much to piece together that they were not only on the run for Edward’s sake but for hers as well.
“Molzros, to name one,” Edward stated frankly.
Miranda’s brow rose and she quickly rolled away from that topic because the less she knew about whatever issue they had with the Molzros, the better off she’d be. No good ever came from dealing with those fanatical zealots. “Right, forget I asked.”
Edward kicked out his legs and folded his hands over his chest. “So, what now?”
“We go our own ways,” Miranda stated as if that much were obvious. “Get off of Aberanth. Not now, of course. Gotta give the assassins time to clear out before we make a move.”
“Clear out of where?”
“Well, there’s certainly some lingering around our ships keeping watch. When word spreads of what’s happened, what’s left of them will regroup and give us the time we need to leave.”
“Alright then. So, I guess we’re just hunkering down and waiting out the fallout?”
“That is correct,” Miranda said as she placed her hand over her closed eyes.
Edward took a long look at the dirty, rundown room around them and though they had just made it out of an assassin compound, their shelter for the next few hours left a lot to be desired. Just like Miranda, all he wanted was to drown himself in a steamy shower and lay down on a hard, rickety cot. Elaine didn’t care. All she wanted to do was curl up in a ball on the floor and sleep for an entire day. He figured that he didn’t want to take any more unnecessary risks tonight. He relaxed, laying his head back and letting his eyelids fall shut, if even for a second.
This was a far cry from his home on Yagru. Hell, these past few days had to be the most exhausted ones he’s had yet. How, he wondered, did he have such a talent for getting himself flung into every heap of trouble with such ease? He felt like he was just a magnet for danger and destruction. It was hard to imagine this being his every day for the rest of his life. It was even harder to picture the days of the past when this lifestyle was just normal to him. None of this was normal. No normal person has to go head-to-head with assassins, a totalitarian military regime, or some radically devout race of alien terrorists. Normal people had jobs that they went to and slaved away at for all their days only to come home and spend their evenings with their families.
Huh… families.
Edward looked at Miranda and Elaine; one a former assassin with a hell of a chip on her shoulder and the other a young girl with powers beyond comprehension that knew nothing but violence. These were the people that he attracted into his life. Where every family had the one annoying cousin that ruined gatherings, Edward had Osiris whose presence made pulling teeth seem fun but he always seemed to pull through when needed. Some also had the uncle who was always sitting in the corner brooding but if anyone took the chance to talk to him, he’d give invaluable life advice and Edward had Landa who always knew what to do—who always had a plan to get out of any predicament. The niece that never got along with the other kids but enjoyed the company of adults would fit Elaine who had seen far too much for a girl of her age but still managed to hold herself together with an iron will. All these people that he knew, all that he interacted with throughout his life sure weren’t normal but they were his people, and as dirty, violent, grimy, upsetting, and vicious as this life could get, it was his life. It was the only life he ever knew. As much as he hated loving it and loved hating it, this life would be all that’d he’d ever have and it would be the death of him.
Any day could be his last but what could he do about that? It was just another day in the life.
Miranda nudged his foot and he jolted awake, hand instinctively shooting to the blaster on his hip. He looked up with dark circles around his confused bloodshot eyes and saw her. “What?” he asked in his raspy, tired voice.
She looked like she had been awake for hours already while Edward looked a blink away from death. “Morning light. Let’s get out of here,” she said, motioning for him to get up.
Elaine was already up as well, yawning and stretching all over the place as she paced the room, anxious to get a move on. It seemed like no matter where they stepped, they’d trip a mine and burn down the city but even still, she would risk it to just get as far from this place as possible. Edward stretched out his legs and let out a bellowing yawn before getting to his feet. It felt like he had gotten hit by a truck. Every ounce of his being was screaming at him to just sit back down and rest but there was much on the agenda. He tightened his belt and rubbed the tire from his eyes. There’d be more time to rest once he was aboard the Dawn Trader.
“Morning,” he told Elaine groggily as he followed Miranda towards the stairs. “Let’s go.”
“Don’t have to tell me twice,” Elaine mumbled, equally exhausted.
They made their way down the creaking stairs and out the back door of the building. The morning air was cool and dry but most of all, it was fresh—at least, fresher than the dank air of the underground. Edward let the fresh air fill his lungs as he took in a deep breath. What I wouldn’t do for an omelet right about now, he thought as they began their trek through the awakening city. Though the city could all be categorized as either the slums, the higher city, or the upstanding top-level, little clues were all he needed to pick up on to know where he was and none of this looked familiar to him. The Nightguild must’ve taken them farther out than he imagined, granted, he was knocked out on the ride.
Miranda led the way, whichever way that was. He kept his eyes peeled for trouble while Elaine tried to keep up dragging her feet behind them. They went up a level which helped alleviate Edward’s paranoia as the morning crowd was dense and traffic was zooming past on the ground and above.
“You know where we’re at?” Edward asked over the noise of the city around them.
“Sector Seventeen,” Miranda replied.
“Christ,” he groaned. They had been dragged two sectors away, which usually wouldn’t be so bad if one could just board a shuttle and zip over to their destination but Edward wasn’t too keen on boarding a metal cage of death just yet. “Well, what do you think about stopping to grab a bite before we huff it all the way there?”
“You think we’re going to walk all the way there?” Miranda scoffed with a grin.
“It’s the safest bet.”
“To hell with that. We’ll get on the commuter rail. It won’t take but twenty minutes to get there.”
“Sure, that’s fine, but I’m starving.”
“Me too!” Elaine exclaimed.
Miranda rolled her eyes and stepped aside from the flow of traffic to get a better look at her surroundings and what options they had for breakfast. She could go without but she certainly didn’t oppose just sitting down somewhere to eat something that wasn’t processed and in a can. “So, what are you people in the mood for?”
“Pizza?” Elaine chimed in with a grin.
Edward chuckled. “That’s not exactly breakfast.”
“Ugh, whatever.”
“Something quick will do, I suppose. I don’t see any open stands though,” Edward said as he tried to look over the heads of the people passing by.
“Come on, there should be one up here,” Miranda stated.
It felt strange to be walking around in broad daylight after what they had done and seen. Elaine found herself cautiously eyeing every passerby wondering which one would leap out to nab them up next. Was this what life was like for Edward? Always wandering with an invisible target on her back? Though there wasn’t much to give away who they were, she felt like anybody who even bothered to glance in their direction could tell. At any point, more trouble would leap out of the shadows.
But that didn’t happen. Life rolled on around them. People walked with eyes glued to their phones, conversing with the people next to them, or ignoring the entire world and pushing through the crowd intent on making it somewhere important on time. Of all these people of all walks of life were they the only ones so deeply involved in violence and destruction? Elaine had seen more blood in her numbered years than the woman in a sleek suit waiting for a cab with a coffee in hand. She’d seen more death than the gray-haired Orkish brute loading crates onto a truck in a side alley. Unlike the girl her age who walked with a boy roaring with laughter at something stupid he said, she had seen the depraved underside of life. Yet, none of that mattered. She felt adrift in this sea of life—the normal experiences and relatively innocent day-to-day so close and yet, beyond her reach.
Edward looked back at Elaine to ensure she was still within arm’s reach and saw the solemn look on her face. “Are you okay?” he asked, reaching out to her but she moved away slightly, caught up in her own mind.
“I’m fine. Just tired.”
“Not tired of pizza though?” he asked with a wry grin.
She rolled her eyes, holding back a smile. “Shut up.”
“Where will you go from here?” Miranda asked as they waited at a crosswalk.
“I don’t have a concrete plan but… I guess I’ll go looking for some old friends. It beats getting into more trouble.”
“Your old Crimson Cavalier pals?” Edward narrowed his eyes with a face that screamed for her to be quiet. Miranda snickered and waved it off. “Even if someone recognized you, they wouldn’t give a damn. You think this place doesn’t have a handful of outlaws running around trying to lay low? You’re in the Outer Rim! No one cares.”
“Sure, until someone does. I’ve got half the galaxy out for my head.”
“And you just helped destroy one of the largest Nightguild sects in the Outer Rim. I think you’ll be alright.”
Traffic stopped and they moved across the crosswalk with a group of pedestrians. Blaring adverts and screens projecting local channels were strung up on the exterior of buildings and poles. On one of the screens, he caught a glimpse of a news anchor reporting on a massive explosion in the depths of Sector Twenty that caused the evacuation of the lower levels. Fires raged, spitting out from underneath the lower levels that were still standing. The explosion had brought down entire blocks of the sector and left it under the shroud of a wall of smoke. By the looks of it, they either didn’t know what happened or just didn’t report the truth.
“You stop and wonder what the paramilitary were doing down there?” Edward asked Miranda.
“Probably thought they’d uncover a drug ring,” she said with a shrug.
That sounded entirely plausible. They were certainly armed for a fight but they didn’t have anywhere near the numbers they needed. They probably thought it’d be a clean sweep only to be greeted by a wholly different enemy.
“Nothing could’ve survived that blast,” Edward said, astonished by the devastation one android could cause. “What was that android armed with?”
“Somewhere around a one-point-five kiloton bomb,” Miranda said nonchalantly as if such a payload couldn’t level a good chunk of a city. Edward’s disturbed face only humored her. “It’s a good thing it was underground, huh?”
“You’re insane,” Edward scoffed. Miranda just brushed it off. It was better to be thorough rather than risk not bringing enough bang to finish the job.
They approached the street vendor who was juggling steaming vegetables and a frying pan with some kind of meat. Miranda patted herself down while looking over the preparation but she knew that she had no credits. She turned to Edward who was already rolling his eyes and stepping forward to order. While he spoke with the vendor, Miranda took a seat on a nearby bench hugging the side of a glass building and gave herself a moment to relax. Elaine waltzed over to sit next to her but was hesitant. Miranda seemed entirely composed and yet, looking into her eyes one could see the wild beast lying within. Even still, she put on a smile and scooted over, patting the seat next to her. “Sit down, I don’t bite.”
Elaine sat, wondering if any interaction with her was wise. She was definitely the only reason they were still alive but knowing that Miranda knew what she was capable of definitely bothered her.
“How old are you?” Miranda asked, still so very interested in the mystery that was Elaine.
“Sixteen,” Elaine said as she crossed her arms over her chest and leaned forward slightly, making it clear that she didn’t want too much interaction with Miranda.
Miranda just smiled softly—innocently—like she didn’t just drop a bomb on a bunch of assassins. “God, sixteen? I can’t even remember sixteen,” Miranda said with a pondering gleam in her eye. Elaine glanced at Edward who was waiting on the food with hands in his pockets, practically calling out to him. Miranda noticed how uncomfortable she was around strangers. A wise instinct for someone in her predicament but she had no intention of causing harm. “How long have you two been traveling together?”
“Not long. A couple of days, I think.”
“Really?” Miranda was surprised. “Seems like you’ve known each other for a while.”
“Yeah, I guess so. He helped me get away from the Federation and I just hung around.”
“Hmm, well, it’s obvious he cares for you. Do you have a family? Mother or father?”
“No,” Elaine said, side-eyeing Miranda, wondering what the point of all these questions was.
“Sorry, I’m not trying to pry. Just… striking up conversation.”
Elaine forced an awkward grin and shrugged her shoulders. “It’s fine,” she said, opening up slightly as her hands moved to grip the edge of the bench. “I don’t meet many people that aren’t trying to kill or capture me.”
“It’s smart to be cautious. It’s the smartest thing you can do in your situation. When I was your age, I wouldn’t trust anyone either. No one but my brother. It’s a good instinct.”
“Where’s your brother?”
Miranda looked away, wondering that very same question herself after so many years. “I… don’t know. He didn’t like that I joined the guild and stopped speaking to me.”
“Do you think he’s still… you know, alive?”
Miranda nodded. “He was always smart. Always knew the right connections and how to go about getting whatever information he needed. If anyone can make it alone in this galaxy, it’d be him.”
“Have you ever thought about looking for him?”
“No, he wouldn’t want to see me anyways. Besides, the things I do would only put him in danger. Sometimes, it’s best to hold the ones you care for at arm’s length. It’s the only way to protect them.”
“I guess that makes sense.”
Edward came over holding three hot sandwiches wrapped up in foil and handed them over. Elaine slid closer to Miranda so that he could sit on the other side of her. They unwrapped their meals and without even glancing at their food, they dug in feverishly. So long as it tasted good and could be consumed by humans, they didn’t care what they were shoving down their throats.
“Where are you going next?” Edward asked Miranda in between bites.
Miranda sucked the grease off of her finger and thought about it. “Wherever the next freighter I board takes me, I suppose.”
“You don’t have a ship?” he asked.
“No, never needed one.”
Edward chewed through his food wondering what the life of a wanderer like herself was like. That fierce determination in her eyes was gone. She had done what she set out to do and now, the entire galaxy was hers to traverse. “What if you end up somewhere shitty? Or they find you and throw you out the airlock?”
“Ha, if they could. If I end up somewhere shitty, I’ll just keep hopping worlds until I find one to settle down on.”
Edward strongly considered what he was about to say. Miranda had proven to be resourceful and a good hand to have in a fight. If push came to shove, she would certainly come out the other end in one piece. It was exactly the kind of ally that many would kill for. If he were about to venture into the unknown on a quest to locate the Crimson Cavaliers, there was going to be plenty of trouble along the way. Not to mention she was one of the few people who knew what Elaine was. “As nice as roaming around aimlessly sounds, having someone like you, being a professional assassin and all, could be very helpful. Almost invaluable, I’d say.”
Miranda laughed and looked from her sandwich to Edward’s eyes. She could see that he was being entirely serious in what he was proposing and was shocked. Even Elaine couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She’d swear up and down that Edward wasn’t the kind of person to have extra hands around. He always gave off the impression that he was a recluse that much preferred his own company. “Edward Drake…” Miranda said, mouth hanging slightly agape. “Are you trying to recruit me?”
“Only if you’re going to say yes.”
Miranda thought on it for a moment and looked away, seriously considering it but there were a thousand reasons why she shouldn’t. Before she could say anything, he continued.
“I’ve got a lot on my plate and it’d be easier to bear with—“
“Don’t plead,” she said, shaking her head and laughing at the situation in disbelief. “We’ve got—what, about forty minutes to get back to Sector Four if we take the rail? I’ll think about it on the way.”
“Would you say you’re leaning towards a yes?” he asked with a grin.
Miranda couldn’t stop smiling at how ridiculous the whole thing was. The Edward Drake just asked her to join his crew. This week was just full of odd surprises and she was certain this wasn’t the end of it. “With the Molzros considered, I think it’ll be a miracle if I say yes within the hour.”
“Right,” Edward said with a shrug. “You about done?” he asked Elaine who was practically scraping the foil for crumbs.
“I’m done,” Elaine said in a muffled voice with a mouthful.
“You liked it?”
She nodded, unable to speak with the crumbs practically spilling from her mouth. It seems that she had never been shown eating etiquette. That, or she was just hungrier than he could imagine. Either way, it was a humorous sight. He stood and stuffed his hands into his pockets as a chilly breeze cut through them. He desperately needed that jacket she had bought him right about now. What a waste of credits.
Miranda finished her food, tossed the trash, and wiped her hands clean from the crumbs. “Okay, let’s get moving, shall we?”
Elaine swallowed what she’d been laboring over and sighed with a satisfied stomach. Miranda took the lead again, taking them down the sidewalk towards the rail station that hung overtop the ground road ahead of them. They snaked through turnstile behind a lengthy line and made their way up the steps onto the pad where the monorails were departing. Miranda gave the sign listing all the lines and routes a brief glance and pointed them towards the Green terminal. There had to be a couple of hundred people all bunched up on the pad waiting for the rail to come in. It was easy to see how someone keen on hiding could do so easily here. Any one of the hundred or so people could have been some killer on the run or some wanted smuggler or a notorious pirate but condensed in this small space, they just blended into the crowd without a single worry. There were APC soldiers posted around just to keep the peace but if they had to arrest every wanted felon they saw, they’d be hard at work tirelessly from dusk until dawn. That thought didn’t help Edward. Maybe it was some self-deluded sense of importance that made him feel like he stuck out like a sore thumb. The Molzros and Federation left him with a heavy dose of paranoia.
The monorail came in hissing and screeching as it slowed to a stop in front of the boarding pad. Though they were packed like sardines on the pad, they moved through the crowd to get on quickly. Elaine sat down by the window with Miranda next to her and Edward stood right in front of them holding onto the overhead railings. The rest of the cabin filled to the brim fairly quickly but what else could they expect from free public transportation? It took a minute for the doors to close and for them to get moving. Elaine stared back through the window the entire time watching the city’s skyline pass. Her first experience in a major city hadn’t been the greatest. In fact, it was pretty poor but that didn’t stop her from being enamored with the atmosphere of it all. One day, she hoped that she could stay in a place like this where she could just blend in with the crowd and live quietly and away from the stresses of having threats breathing down her throat. She’d give anything for that—for a normal life.
The PA system played lounge music throughout the cabin and several passengers spoke on their phones or in their groups. The sound of the monorail’s whirring engines and the rattling metal could be heard very faintly but it was a relatively smooth ride. They didn’t speak the entire time. Their thoughts were occupied by many other things. Time to reflect and ponder was a luxury they often were not afforded and in truth, Edward much preferred it that way. Deep thought allowed the horrible repressed thoughts to surface. One minute, he was happy to be alive despite all that’d happened and considered himself lucky that Elaine and Miranda were there to push through. Now, the longer his mind delved into how mad everything had gotten, the less hope there seemed to be. Over and over again, he kept trying to remember the last things he had said to Sam. The circumstances of their last encounter were grim. He was half dead with Sam hovering by the bed constantly asking what he could do. In his delirium, he could recall Sam’s voice talking to him, telling him how much he regretted leaving him to his crusade alone. If someone had been there with him, if someone had taken his side and kept him leveled then he wouldn’t have nearly gotten himself killed over some sort of vengeance.
I’m sorry, Sam, Edward thought, his eyes falling to the floor. He disappeared. He put the lives of his friends in jeopardy and he wasn’t even strong enough to face the mess he had caused. Instead, he left it to the Crimson Cavaliers to deal with the fallout.
And he couldn’t even be there when the team was falling apart.
Rest, he told himself. Rest is all I need.
There were a million things to be worried about lately but most of the time, Elaine just focused on what needed to be done rather than worry about what’s happened or what may be coming. Obsessing over the present was an easy way to become complacent and once that happened, it was only a matter of time before someone took advantage of that vulnerability. She’d seen it many times before and was certain she’d see it again. She couldn’t count how many people she ran with before meeting Edward. There had to be at least a dozen. They all sort of blend together after so long but there were a few notable experiences that stuck. The first stranger to take her in would be a hard memory to shake. It was a man who worked the docks in some mining town on a barren rock of a planet. He took her in seeing as she was bone-thin and brought her to his wife. They had a modest shack of a house on the outskirts of the mining town. Elaine will always remember entering their home and noticing how different the air was inside. The smoky air in the town had an acidic hint to it as fumes sputtered out of the massive drills and excavation equipment that seemed to run all day. Stepping into their home, however, was a breath of fresh air. They had a system that kept the air inside perfect for the variety of herbs and spices growing around the house. The wife was making some stew in the kitchen while the husband anxiously nudged Elaine towards her. Presented with a lone, malnourished, and fearful child, they didn’t turn their cheeks and ignored her. They gave her a bed, they kept her fed, and they even got her a small job doing chores around the market the wife worked out. That lasted all of a week before the Federation came bearing down on the town looking for answers. They realized they were in danger but rather than kicking Elaine to the curb to fend for herself, they gathered what they could to send her on her way prepared for a long, terrible journey. Their only mistake was waiting until morning to send her off. The Federation came in the middle of the night and when she just barely got away, the husband and wife were executed in their living rooms.
Elaine grimaced, turning back to the window and wishing she could just forget about that memory. Hell, she wished she could forget them all. Perhaps her place in life was to suffer. It’s all she’s known and all she’s experienced. Looking at Edward’s reflection in the window as the rail chugged through a tunnel, she could only see a grim fate awaiting him as well for trying his best to help her. She wished she could just turn his help away and spare him from what was coming but he seemed intent on proving that he was not like the others. He wouldn’t die because of her. He wouldn’t feign friendliness only to try and turn her in to the Federation for a fistful of credits. He certainly didn’t want to use her to his own ends. He was, for the most part, just like her. Running. Surviving. Figuring out the next play on the fly with no real end in sight. They were just weary nomads in an endless ocean of stars.
After many stops, the monorail finally pulled into the station and the PA system announced, “Now arriving at Sector Four, Station One-One-Seven.”
They shuffled off of the monorail and into the crisp air that was warmed slightly by the number of bodies moving and brushing up on one another. Miranda found a map posted with the local area and beckoned for Edward to come and look. “Where’s your ship?” she asked.
“Tavalis Intergalactic Ship Port,” Edward said as he examined the map closely trying to figure out where they’d have to go but upon hearing the location, the map automatically zoomed in and highlighted the port and the quickest route to it. “Yeah, there.”
“Not too far. We can walk the rest of the way.”
“So, you’re coming with us?”
“Hold your horses, Drake,” she teased him. “I just want to see what you’re working with.”
Edward grinned and shrugged his shoulders. “Alrighty. Let’s get going then.”
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2021.12.07 12:42 Javidor42 JavaFX init() method

I am relatively new to programming and I'm working on a project for uni.
In this project one of the requirements is to make a JavaFX application. I want some stuff to be done automatically when the application launches and closes. For that, I have read some online resources and figured I need to use this two methods, but I cannot figure out how it should work. I've been reading the implementation of launch inside JavaFX, but I cannot see any calls to the init or stop method.
How exactly is it that this methods work? Are they actually called whenever the program starts and finishes? Any place where I can read more about this?
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When I click on the button to verify the email, it always returns this error I cannot understand what the problem is.
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2021.12.07 12:42 Thanalas Bug: Fireplace and cauldron falls apart during use?

We've had this happen several times on our completely vanilla dedicated friends's server (latest patch version).
Creating meals by clicking on "craft" and then after crafting a handful of meals, the fireplace suddenly disintegrates and the cauldron disappears. Their parts then lie on the floor, as if they were taken apart using the hammer and middle mouse button.
I tried this out on my own machine as well, running the same seed (but different character and world), and I had that happen once as well. Same goes for one of my friends on his own machine. Again, using the same seed but with a different character and world.
seed = WBFzViM6sG
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2021.12.07 12:42 thisissixsyllables swift death > compression socks

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2021.12.07 12:42 PlayYo-KaiWatch21 These are confuzelling times

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2021.12.07 12:42 glassmotion First-time Home buyers

Hi all, my fiancé and I just got pre approval to buy a house in the 200k range. I would be so grateful if anyone is willing to offer any advice about everything from the home buying process to places to avoid buying in the greater Grand Rapids area. There are some posts on here about how hot the housing market has been that are a bit older now, and we have heard the market tends to cool off in the winter time, but any and all tips are appreciated. Thanks! :)
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2021.12.07 12:42 bazaartimesco Toyota will build a $1.29 billion electric vehicle battery factory in North Carolina

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2021.12.07 12:42 CulturalWindow Seniors, Seizures and Starsearch

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2021.12.07 12:42 TeejhayFunak 8 Glorious!! Universe: Bobby Roode Nxtwwe 2016 Titantron & Glorious Domination [ravedj]

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2021.12.07 12:42 Ok-Afternoon-3388 The most important thing in the world is family and love.❤️👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

The most important thing in the world is family and love.❤️👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
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2021.12.07 12:42 InsuranceAltruistic1 Does anyone know why survivor 43 is filming starting in May? That’s odd that they aren’t starting in March like they usually do

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2021.12.07 12:42 TanteNani [Media] Emilia and her future knight

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2021.12.07 12:42 shiter23931 whk js tbe sthljd est!>

stupuid sadny wishierk..
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2021.12.07 12:42 Apocafeller Gotta blast

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2021.12.07 12:42 i_am_the_cosmos__ How to Remove Negative Energy ?

Hey Guys,
Just wanted to share that we can take below steps to remove/reduce the impact of all negative energy around us.

  1. Carefully burn some incense
    1. Remove clutter as soon as possible
    2. Let in a breeze with outside air and sunrise
    3. Remove or repair things that are broken
    4. Smudge your entire home with sage
    5. Protect your space with crystals and wear rudraksha beeds
    6. Take a salt water bath
    7. Mopping the floor with salt water
    8. Keep salt water bowl in corners of room
    9. Visit a Beach
  2. Loud Clapping
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2021.12.07 12:42 oquintoanomimo Parece que estudo não leva a nada no Brasil se você é pobre

Se você é pobre e de cidade de interior você deve me entender um pouco, parece que nossos pais e pessoas mais velhas valorizam muito mais que você trabalhe em um subemprego pro resto da sua vida ao invés de fazer faculdade e estudar de fato, parece algo típico do brasileiro de classe baixa que o estudo é algo externo por ser muito a longo prazo. E os bons empregos ficam para as ricos e seus filhos que tem o conforto de fazer um cursinho nivel poliedro e passar na USP e ITA e trabalhar nas melhores empresas e startups.
Tenho 19 anos e passei o ano estudando sozinho pro vestibular e passar numa faculdade pública federal, o problema é que nesse tempo discuti várias vezes com minha mãe e minha irmã que eu deveria trabalhar mesmo eu falando que eu queria fazer facul federal.
Agora eu fiz o ENEM e não sei de fato o que fazer da vida, minha vontade era fazer facul federal mas não to com ânimo de estudar mais um ano se não passar e ter que ficar estudando sem o apoio da minha família de novo, é muito difícil você se dedicar todos os dias sabendo que as pessoas na sua casa queriam que você fizesse outra coisa.
Não sei se eu faço um SENAI, arranjo um emprego e depois faço faculdade.
Quero engenharia mas meu medo é "gastar" esses anos estudando só pra passar na faculdade federal, mais 5 anos pra se formar, com uns 24/25 anos ficar desempregado com superior de engenharia elétrica/mecânica.
Na minha cabeça é mais seguro fazer Senai, arranjar um trampo numa fábrica, conseguir experiência e depois fazer engenharia. Este caminho parece mais promissor e mais rentável de conseguir emprego ao me formar em engenharia do que simplesmente fazer apenas engenharia.
Precisava de um conselho caso alguém tenha passado pela mesma situação ou entenda.
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2021.12.07 12:42 Icy-Possibility-9563 Why are schools so expensive in Casablanca ?

I have twin daughters that will have 3 years old the next September, so i started looking for elementary schools around just by curiosity and i was so shocked ! The cheapest ones are around 1800-2000 dh and the others are beyond 3500dh for a 3 year old who will just play and paint and learn some words ! What do u guys thinks about that ? And how much do u pay for your siblings education in casablanca ?
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