2021.10.16 15:54 Vukasin_Dordevic Need KO KO MAL

I need KO KO MAL to make another sanctuary shield for my amazon.
I have 2 then and can give 1. I give my second sancuary shield + thunderstroke spear!

Processing img m2uetioditt71...
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2021.10.16 15:54 inneedofcritics The Golden cat

This is a short story that I wrote this evening inspired by a photo that I saw online. Any critique on it would be helpful.
Lydia was busy in the kitchen with pepper rice and dal gravy. All four cooktops were engaged. Three with rice, pepper mix and gravy. One with milk boiling. She was stirring the gravy when she heard a faint hiss. It stopped before she turned to the direction from which the hiss was heard. There weren't anything. Just the iron railing staircase that was erected thirteen years back. She shrugged and turned back to the stove. Next to it she found a golden hued cat statue about a quarter meter in height. The structure was simple. Its ear at top the head on either side, it stood erect, its tips pointed towards up, unlike natural cats, whose ears are mostly dropped down, and had a strong blush in its hollow.
The cat was in standing posture. Its mouth bore a resemblance of a smile and had three whiskers painted on either side. A collar was tied around the neck. The buckle had a huge red bell hanging down. Lydia wondered if it was a real bell or just a part of the statue. Normally, one would have touched it and verified but since it appearance was indistinct to her she just stared at it. It was a usual statue with unusual features like a sunglass on its eyes or its left hand holding a plate in front of its belly and other hand stretched up. This other hand caught her attention. It wasn't like the left hand small and normal but huge and muscular. It was motioned upwards its arm horizontal to the ground and the forearm perpendicular to it. Like a person would held their hand high for cheering or marking a victory or as a protestor would motion their hand while shouting remarks.
The bicep of that arm was huge and the veins circled around flaunting their appearances. Its paw at top was facing downward its inside matching the blush of the ears. Its nails were painted golden. If at all it was a paint.
She stood there for few more minutes, observing every detail of the statue. The old dog living at the end of the street must have of some explanation for it. She thought.
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2021.10.16 15:54 Sultryingtu Hasbro Gaming Ouija Board Game is on sale for 29% off

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2021.10.16 15:54 Sascleb 2019 RAV4 XLE AWD - Blackout Badge Plasti dip or Overlay?

Okay everyone, for my RAV4 badges, should I plasti dip or purchase the overlay badges? Honestly I would rather spend $100 and do the overlay than the few hours to plasti dip, and I have never done it before. What does everyone thing? (not my video but
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2021.10.16 15:54 oopsImScorpio GTAO unplayable with DX 10.1 or higher

GTAO unplayable with DX 10.1 or higher Im running the latest 21.10.2 drivers and with DirectX 11 or 10.1 the game is literally unplayable.

TLDR: PC does a little fucky-wucky when playing gta online on DX 10.1 or higher and the game just tells me "err_gfx_d3d_init" as a result :

The drivers have loads of incompatibility problems with newer DX versions and its driving me nuts, especially with gta. Its not like the game is lagging or anything, the performance and the temperatures are fine but the game is crashing literally everytime. Sometimes (like yesterday) I can play gtao with no problems for hours straight and sometimes (like rn) I get the err_gfx_d3d_init error message every 5 minutes, its incredibly inconsistent. Im starting up the game for the 6th time or something and not even half an hour has passed since I initially launched gta. And thats the problem, its only online. I cant wrap my head around it.
Ive played through the whole story multiple times on this exact pc on direct 11 and 10.1 and never ran into any crashes. But as soon as I join online the game goes ape shit and my gpu software craps itself to death. Whats the difference between online and story, I dont have any network problems (except the usual cockstar shenanigans), its just my gpu.
My friend is using a gtx 780 (quite and old card by now) and never ran into any DirectX problems. I mean his card has its own little issues but thats beside the point.
And no dont tell me some modders are doing the funny and crashing everyone, the gpu software already crashes in the loading screen, it just did that twice in a row a few minutes ago. You can also easily notice the difference, when youre getting mod-crashed.
The game instantly closes itself while the crashes Im having are dragging my whole pc into the abyss with them for a solid 5 minutes or so (i.e. pc becoming unresponsive, radeon software not working etc.), which means completely turning of the pc is faster than waiting for it to come back to life and you can probably guess that restarting your computer 6 times in one session can be really frustrating.
The DirectX diagnostics tool does not show any problems and tells me my "gpu is compatible and fine" but it surely isnt. Other games on Dx 11 crash too but I dont know if that causes the crashes yet. DX 12 games run fine.
Btw no Im not gonna switch the settings to Dx 10 in gta, the game looks like shit and options that I myself rely on (like msaa etc) are greyed out and not working). While its true that old Dx reduces the crashes it does not fix them and I still get them multiple times a day. Im also not gonna revert back to any old drivers, Ive gone through enough of them already and Im having these issues since the first launch of gta.
Im also not gonna reinstall the game (already done that a couple of times) and Im not gonna verify the game because I just did that today and nothing changes.
I have already reinstalled windows 10 twice and also reinstalled AMD drivers with DDU 2 days ago. Card is running at base clocks even tho it comes with an OC from Gigabyte.
I know this is more of an amd problem and not Rockstars/Gta's but it literally just happens in online which is why Im crying my heart out in this sub. Mods of gtaonline didnt let me post it. Im just tired of redoing setups and heists.
I have not found any solutions on the internet but there may still be hope. Sry for the paragraph but I just wanna be as clear as I can, thanks in advance.

Specs :
AMD Ryzen 7 2700X @ base clock
Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite AMD B450 (using f62a BIOS)
Gigabyte Radeon RX 5700xt @ base clock
G.skill Trident Z 2x8gb in Dual Channel @ 3200mhz (disabling xmp doesnt change anything)
Corsair rm650x PSU (650W, 80+ Gold)
Running the game on a HDD rn, had it on my SSD for a couple of months but it took up almost a 100gb, so not worth it.
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2021.10.16 15:54 Kensation21 I want to send 50% of my paycheck to Nintendo every month, what’s the address?

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2021.10.16 15:54 Loaf_The_Palette Last time I Checked Jesus was born on the year 0 (will delete if not cringe)

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2021.10.16 15:54 Flashy_Magician_6231 my work in progress Kiyotaka Ishimaru drawing [OC]

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2021.10.16 15:54 ObtuseRubberGoose2 Did some headswaps on the Jackals to make the dream of purestrains on bikes a little bit closer...

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2021.10.16 15:54 Jonatan__5432 ich_iel

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2021.10.16 15:54 AzNL3G3ND Punishing Gray Raven (战双帕弥什) OST: C.O.R.E. (In-Game Version)

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2021.10.16 15:54 Big_Dilf_Energy I’m just gonna post this cutie here. :)

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2021.10.16 15:54 ChicagoPianoTuner Contractor's cement crew messed up my fence during work and only partially fixed it - should I withhold remaining payment?

I'm a first-time homeowner, and I don't have a lot of experience working with contractors, so I'd like some advice from the community as to whether or not I'm being reasonable. Sorry - this got long, but tldr: contractor's guys messed up my fence while doing cement work and only partially restored it - should I withhold remaining payment until they 100% fix it?
I wanted to expand the patio in my backyard. The existing patio was 8x16, and I wanted to make it about triple that size. I got a few estimates and ended going with a contractor who quoted $4500 for the concrete work and moving some sprinkler valves. About $750 of the price was for the irrigation; the rest was for the concrete. He had worked on a neighbor's patio and I thought it looked good, so away we went. I wrote him a check for half up front.
Before the cement work could start, the irrigation guy came out out to move the sprinkler valves. It turns out there was one extra valve to move that we had missed during the initial survey, so the contractor upped the price by $100, which I felt was fair because I figured it was my responsibility to point out the valves ahead of time to get an accurate quote, and I missed it.
When we were discussing the cement work, he said that because the new work would be around 225 sq. ft, his crew wouldn't need to use any sort of machinery - all hand tools. My yard is enclosed by a wood fence. When the cement crew showed up, they had a mini excavator in tow and said they'd be using it for the job. Fine, I thought, whatever you want. It ultimately ended up damaging some of the grass, but I don't mind that so much (even though they said they'd put down plywood, they didn't). To get the excavator into the back yard, they removed two sections of my fence. Each section is probably 8 feet wide, and the fence is about 7 feet tall.
All of the above I know for sure. The rest I've pieced together based on what I observed, what my wife observed, what some of the crew members told me, and what the contractor told me.
When they were removing the first fence panel, instead of removing the panel as a whole, they removed a bunch of the boards individually and broke them. They managed to remove the second panel without much issue, but they broke a chunk (maybe 12" x 2" x 1") off of one of the horizontal pieces that aligns the panels around the perimeter of the yard.
The cement truck arrived and poured the patio (spilling clumps of cement on the grass here and there, but fine, I can look past that). When the cement truck was pulling away, it clipped part of the fence, which required a bit more work to clean up. I'm not sure exactly what they broke.
Needless to say, the contractor was livid with the cement crew and he (the contractor) ran off to Home Depot or wherever to get some wood to replace the parts of the fence that broke. The cement crew hung around and waited for him to get back, and then reassembled the fence in a pretty poor fashion (they had to cut a board in a triangle shape because of the gaps they made when reinstalling the fence). The contractor tried to say "we're done, thanks!" but I said no, this is clearly not right and when he saw what I meant, he agreed. He said he'd send a fence guy out. I paid the concrete guy the remaining balance less $200 to hold off until the fence work was done.
The fence guy eventually came and fixed most of the fence, but there are still some issues. He fixed the new boards and got rid of the weird triangle piece. The intact panel isn't properly aligned, leaving a gap between it and the existing, untouched part of the fence. But one of the main problems with the newly constructed section is that there are nails sticking out through the wood on the inside of the fence, where my two-year-old son often plays. Also, they never replaced the cross piece that had the big chunk taken out of it.
I'm embarrassed to say that I don't know what the fence is made of because it has weathered to become silver. My assumption was that it was pressure treated pine, but the fence guy said it's cedar. When the contractor bought the boards to replace, he bought mostly pressure treated pine and one piece of untreated pine. The fence guy brought two pieces of cedar that are now on the fence too. I assume it'll all weather the same, but I guess I don't know.
When the fence guy left, he said he'd have to come back and finish because it had gotten dark. The contractor called a little while later and said the fence guy wouldn't be returning and he wanted the remaining $200 I owed. I told him I'd have to look in the morning and get back to him, because I agreed to pay $4500 for a new patio and my existing fence, not a new patio and some crude approximation of my existing fence.
My question: am I out of line to withhold payment until the contractor restores the fence to its state before the work began? I'm okay with the mismatched boards and the chunk missing from the cross piece, but I want the panel realigned and the nails fixed. Am I being unreasonable? How should I proceed?
Thanks Reddit!
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2021.10.16 15:54 ico471 I found this cards in a box at my parents house, do they have any value?

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2021.10.16 15:54 Pixel_Pastiche [haiku] ReallyDoe,jpeg

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2021.10.16 15:54 heinaga1989 🔥$SDT StableDoc🔥 || 💊Telemedicine💊 || Presale Live || Devs are Doxxed / KYC passed || 100x Potential BSC Gem

Blockchain/AI-driven telemedicine providing healthcare to patients around the world!
✅Team Doxxed & KYC passed
✅NFTs hold patient data
✅Stable reality gadgets
📅Presale: LIVE🚀 - SC/HC: 200 BNB / 400 BNB - Min/max: 0.1 BNB / 2 BNB - Presale Rate: 1 BNB = 125000.0 SDT - LP locked (%): 55% - LP lockup time: 180 days
▫️What is StableDoc?
StablleDoc's utility revolves around Telemedicine, whereby the native tokens will be used for payments between the patient & their corresponding Doctor.
Excerpt from the Whitepaper - "StableDoc combines next generation AI-driven telehealth, in-home health and standard hospital services with blockchain technology to deliver evidence-based health services to our patients around the world. The blockchain platform features revolutionary use of NFTs to capture patient permissioned health data, along with StableDoc smart contract to offer payment between healthcare providers and consumers in a fast, secure, transparent and auditable manner that requires no third party interference."
▫️Meet the Team: - Team doxxed on website & KYC passed on pinksale
--> Dr. Isaac Agada: CEO
--> Lee Andrew: CTO
--> Das Douglas: CMO
--> Raj Baskar: CBDO
▫️Project Links & Socials:
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2021.10.16 15:54 thewun111 A different piece of advice (buying a cow!)

With the insane increase in cost of living and food in general my friends family and mine decided to see what we can do to save some money. He has a family of five and we have a family of four.
What we decided to do was split a cow and man what a price difference. Obviously this only works for families who like beef and have the space to store it but let me tell you about the financial aspect of it.
Currently in Alberta you will be lucky to get decent ground beef on sale for less than $5 a lb. So after sourcing local butchers we found several high reputation places and settled on one. We ended up purchasing the whole cow, grass fed, organic, humanely grown for $4.50 a lb. This comes butchered to your liking and vacuum sealed for long term storage. This type of ground beef for example in a store can't be found for less than $8 a lb if you're lucky. This also includes the filet, sirloins, etc. So for less than the price of store bought ground beef we have 250+lbs of amazing meat that will last a year.
I also didn't have a clue about how this worked so you don't need to be afraid of that. A good butcher will walk you through the it's and hold your hand every step of the way. They will even show you the cuts on an anatomy sheet, ask you steak thickness, roasts and so on.
If you were on the fence and you have the means, try it out!
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2021.10.16 15:54 Sketchography_O How I draw Realistic Eyes in Portraits

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2021.10.16 15:54 JoshuahMayhem Heard I can get kief out if this. What do i have to do?

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2021.10.16 15:54 mafco Hydrogen Heating & Cooking Would Cost Homeowners $100,000+ Extra Over 15 Years. The economics of hydrogen in the home are crystal clear, so you really have to ask yourself who is trying to sell this absurd idea. And why.

Hydrogen Heating & Cooking Would Cost Homeowners $100,000+ Extra Over 15 Years. The economics of hydrogen in the home are crystal clear, so you really have to ask yourself who is trying to sell this absurd idea. And why. submitted by mafco to energy [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 15:54 Zaitton What's your personal hard sparring etiquette?

I'm only referring to martial arts that have the potential for hard sparring (kickboxing, muay thai, jiu jitsu, boxing etc).
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2021.10.16 15:54 NewsElfForEnterprise Dollar cost averaging the best way to invest in crypto, BlockTower's Bucella says

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2021.10.16 15:54 BlackBurn115 If you drop soap onto the floor, is the soap getting dirty, or the floor clean?

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2021.10.16 15:54 lann1991 What year is it, again?

What year is it, again?
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2021.10.16 15:54 eternalroses This meme sounded better in my head... excuse me... NINE-NINE!

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